Why Real Estate Agents Are Pushing Condos

A house in the suburbs with a backyard and white picket fence is no longer considered to be a part of the ideal goal amongst people. If anything, if you notice real estate trends, you will find that houses are no longer the popular living choice at all. The housing sector in the real estate market still continues to suffer 11 years after the housing crisis. Instead, there has now been a rise in another living option, so if you happen to be interested in becoming a permanent property owner, you will find your real estate agent pushing you towards buying a condo.

This is because condos are now growing really popular as they happen to be the perfect hybrid between a house and an apartment, providing the best of both worlds. A condo happens to be closer to the city, and at the same time, it also happens to be more spacious than an apartment, all the while offering permanent property ownership like an actual house. So, by getting a condo, you are able to continue living near the city, which allows you to be able to commute better and have better access to a number of different amenities, and you do not have to worry about your lease ending or your monthly rent because once you have finished paying for your condo, it is permanently yours and nothing can change that.

It is because of this appeal that people are buying more and more condos, and the number of condominium projects has only been growing every single year. In case you are interested in looking at condos, you can check out bijou on bloor, an upcoming condominium project and book a tour or have a look at the floor plan in order to see if the place meets your fancy.