What You Probably Don’t Know About Drain Cleaners

There are pros and cons of everything, even drain cleaner. The drain cleaners are easily available, they provide easy and quick fixes for your slow and clogged drains, also they are cheap. Now you might be wondering what could possibly be the downside to these drain cleaners, well you will find out by reading this article.

Usually, when you see an advertisement for drain cleaners, they tell you that these drain cleaners are what you might call ‘clog pushers’. While that fact is true to some extent there is more to it than just being a clog pusher. The drain cleaners are corrosive and they eat away the clog instead of pushing it down. Not only do they eat the clog they also cause erosion o metal pipes, fixtures, and even on clothing. This will weaken your pipes and will decrease their life significantly. In case it makes contact with your eyes it can cause blindness.

Many people consider using hydrochloric acid, although it may sound like a good idea, this strong acid has some serious health hazards and also erodes the pipes and fixtures. Instead of going for these liquid drain cleaner you should ask for professional help. Look for reliable sources like North York Plumbers to hire a plumber.

The professionals will not only get rid of the symptoms of your clogged drain but will also fix them without causing any damage to pipes or fixtures. They will also tell you methods that will help you in preventing clogs from occurring again and again. It is better to spend money on a professional than using a cheap source which will eventually lead to some serious damages to your drain and has health issues as well.