Tony Gonzalez’s Unforgettable Moment in Kansas

When Tony Gonzalez headed to Kansas City at the time of the forty seventh annual 101 Awards, he had already spent twelve seasons acting as a chief. He was the thirteenth pick during the NFL draft of 1997 and has now become an inductee in this year’s Chief’s Ring of Honour. According to Tony Gonzalez, who came to Kansas after a pretty long time, the city has a lot more to offer than before, especially in it’s down town area.

However, if you were to compare the city’s change with how Gonzalez has changed over the years, it is pretty obvious that the latter’s change is much more spectacular and worth talking about. Back when Gonzalez was a rookie, he had managed to earn the record of most passes dropped in NFL (17!) and was made fun of by Jason Whitlock. Gonzalez was awarded a D- and tagged as another failure produced by Kansas City, but now, thinking back on it makes him laugh as he attends the 101 Awards Banquet.

Gonzalez claims that the hardships he faced in his early days proved to be pretty good for him, it gave him the motivation needed to test his mettle and focus on his growth. The embarrassment he faced as a rookie made him tell himself that he never wanted to be outdone by anyone and neither did he ever want his fans booing at him, and thus, he began putting extra effort into his practice.

You need to do more than just enough, you need to go the extra mile in order to achieve greatness, and that is what Gonzalez did. He realized this after taking notes from former notable chiefs such as Warren Moon, Marcus Allen, and Tony Richardson, and sure enough, he made a stunning recovery by doubling his total receptions and receiving yards and then in 1999, he officially began his climb up the ladder, making everyone forget about his rather shaky start.

The challenges and tough situations he faced in Kansas City helped him realise the essence of manhood and helped him go from being a rookie to a proper man on the field. However, he had to leave Kansas after 2008, he requested for a trade and was quite doubtful about his decision at the time since he was unsure how his fans and teammates would react. The reason behind this move was that he needed a change of pace, and he found that in Atlanta where he was selected to participate in the playoffs and also got a chance to play in an NFC championship game.

Despite having left the Chiefs behind, Gonzalez still reminisced of his days with them as that time helped him become who he is, the Chiefs became a part of him and to this day, he would never trade his history with Kansas City for anything at all. Getting a chance to become part of the Ring of Honour is one of his proudest achievements.