The Benefits of Improvising a Guitar Solo

Who does not appreciate a guitar solo? Whether you are listening to Slayer, Iron Maiden, or Led Zeppelin, all these bands have one thing in common and that is their distinct guitar solos. You can tell when Adrian Smith starts playing, or when Kerry King starts shredding, you can just tell what band you are listening to. There is no denying that.

However, for the up and comers who are learning how to play the guitar, there are a lot of determinants that can either make them a good guitar player, or just an average one. The absolute thing that you need to learn is that challenging guitar solos do not mean good guitar solos, because often times, you will see a lot of technicality in a solo, but no substance, and that is when you know things are not good.

For anyone who is learning to play the guitar, we are going to talk about some benefits of improvising a guitar solo.

You Can Make a New Solo

The best part about improvisation is that if you are consistent enough with what you are trying to achieve, you can in return, create a new solo that will be original. Sure, you can still use tabs from the solo you originally wanted to learn, but deriving a new one from that solo is definitely an impressive feat.

You Get to Improve

Another benefit here is that you get to improve with time. You are not going to just drop it in the middle, because that would be wrong, but the best part is that the more you improve, the better it will become, and you can just be consistent with it, and turn your work into an original song. This is the beauty of guitar playing.