Perks of Buying PFTE or Teflon Coated Cookware

Nonstick cookware and bakeware tend to have a lot of advantages and it is mainly because of that one addition i.e. PFTE or Teflon. If you are someone who does not like changes in things and think that TEFLON or PFTE coating aren’t as great as people make them out to be then you are wrong because if you do your research right and look through credible sources then you will realize that it is one of the best things that ever happened to the book and bakeware industry. There are some people who raise the question about having a chemical layer on something in which you cook your food could potentially be bad for you, but these theories have been debunked and proven untrue. With that aside, following are some of the perks of buying PTFE and non-stick coating cook and bakeware, check them out below.

Does Not Require Too Much Oil

In a way, cookware industry has been revolutionized because with the help of PTFE and non-stick coating pans, you do not require a lot of oil, butter or any other fat component in your dishes. You can make amazing food without having to use too much oil. Oil is essentially used to add flavor, prevent food from sticking at the bottom of the pan and now that these problems do not exist because of PTFE and non-stick coating you can cut down your usage of oil considerably.

Easy to Clean

Another great thing about having cookware that has a Teflon coating is that they are easy to clean. You can scrub it with soap once and you are all set.

Scratch Resistant

Another perk of having PTFE and non-stick coating is that it makes the surface scratch resistance as well. which is plus because your cookware will not look shabby anymore even after a lot of usage