Fixed Gear Bikes: Why They Are Growing Popular

Global warming has now become a very real and apparent threat, and countries around the world are trying to adapt to these changes by passing more environmentally friendly legislation and so on. While our governments are trying to navigate around these changes, a lot of people have also started making changes, and one of them happens to be switching to bikes from cars. You will find this becoming popular in France and other parts of Europe now.

City dwellers especially are opting for bicycles, and namely fixed gear bikes. Now, if you interested in biking yourself, you might want to be interested in wanting to know why fixed gear is so popular, and they are for good reason.

  • First and foremost, they are very affordable. You will find that even the best fixie bikes are relatively inexpensive. So, if you want to commute on a budget then fixed gear beaks are a great option.
  • Their design is very simple and minimalistic with very few components. This makes fixed gear bikes easy to maneuver and handle. So, riding them is smooth and a lot more fun.
  • Their simple design makes them really popular and they are considered to be part of the messenger bike, environmentally-friendly fad that has been going around for the past few years. Think of fixed gear bikes as the skateboard of the adult world.
  • They are designed to work best on flatlands, and this is where they are perfect for the city landscape, allowing you to glide effortlessly without having to pedal too much.
  • Since they are simple and have few components, you can drive them a lot faster, and because of that, you are able to actually increase your pedaling speed, which makes for a great overall workout as well.