Choosing Your Futon Mattress

Open spaces have gotten more popular as an interior decorating style, and this is why a lot of people are pushing for a minimalist setup and style which ends up making their rooms look bigger and more open. Now, if you live in a small space, to begin with, you can make things work by switching to a futon.

A futon is a Japanese style mattress that you can roll onto the floor, and then roll it back up and put away or use as a sofa.  Futons are still very popular in Japan and are now slowly becoming coming in the US as well. Now, if you are considering getting yourself a futon, you want to make sure that you choose the best futon for sleeping. Now, futons can mainly be distinguished from the material they are made up of, and the thickness of the material. Now the most common types of futon mattresses include memory foam, cotton and even innerspring.

An all-cotton futon is a common type of futon that most people will purchase, and is pretty common in Japan. They are easy to maintain and clean and are relatively thick. However, if you happen to have back-related issues, they are not your best option.

Next, you have a mix of cotton and foam futons, which are a combination of the two materials. As a rule of thumb, it is better to opt for a combination futon that has more foam than cotton, at least 4-6 inches of foam is necessary to help provide your back with the necessary support. So, if you have back issues, you need to keep this in mind. You then have the memory foam futon, and this is a very dense and flexible futon because of the presence of memory foam in it.