Perks of Buying PFTE or Teflon Coated Cookware

Nonstick cookware and bakeware tend to have a lot of advantages and it is mainly because of that one addition i.e. PFTE or Teflon. If you are someone who does not like changes in things and think that TEFLON or PFTE coating aren’t as great as people make them out to be then you are wrong because if you do your research right and look through credible sources then you will realize that it is one of the best things that ever happened to the book and bakeware industry. There are some people who raise the question about having a chemical layer on something in which you cook your food could potentially be bad for you, but these theories have been debunked and proven untrue. With that aside, following are some of the perks of buying PTFE and non-stick coating cook and bakeware, check them out below.

Does Not Require Too Much Oil

In a way, cookware industry has been revolutionized because with the help of PTFE and non-stick coating pans, you do not require a lot of oil, butter or any other fat component in your dishes. You can make amazing food without having to use too much oil. Oil is essentially used to add flavor, prevent food from sticking at the bottom of the pan and now that these problems do not exist because of PTFE and non-stick coating you can cut down your usage of oil considerably.

Easy to Clean

Another great thing about having cookware that has a Teflon coating is that they are easy to clean. You can scrub it with soap once and you are all set.

Scratch Resistant

Another perk of having PTFE and non-stick coating is that it makes the surface scratch resistance as well. which is plus because your cookware will not look shabby anymore even after a lot of usage

What’s It Like to Work For The USPS?

If you’ve been looking for a job for some time already, you might be nearing a point where you no longer care about what job you end up with as long as you have it. The need to pay the bills and feed yourself can drive you to that point faster than you might think actually. At the end of the day, you need to figure out a way to bring money to the table so you don’t have all the time in the world to look for a job so here’s the pitch – why not try working for the United States Postal Service?

Now, we’re not exactly proposing that you start delivering post to people’s doorsteps but working for the USPS has many benefits that you might want to learn about. Did you know that entry level USPS employees make $15 to $20 per hour? That’s not a bad sum of money for a starting wage and once you’ve become a postal worker, you can expect to make up to $35 per hour as well. You always have the option of working overtime and up your earnings by 1.5 times as well.

There are some jobs that require you to have a lot of prior experience and training before they even start to consider you. You can’t chase those kinds of jobs all your life now can you? You can start working for the USPS and learn the ropes as you work. You can also use the Liteblue network to stay in touch with all the relevant employee details and the information flow from USPS to all their employees, all over the state. Apply now and see if USPS is the thing for you – it just might be.

Does Indulgence in Hair Weaves Provide Any Benefits?

Hair weaves are a common sight on the street and they are not something new, people have been wearing them since a long time ago. If you are looking for them, it would not be hard for you to search up one because there are many stores that are selling quality hair extensions. For people who are not familiar, hair weaves are the same thing as hair extensions.

There is a common perception about hair extensions that only women wear them but the truth is that you can easily go out and find a man weave for sale. We think that there is no specific gender which should use hair weaves because they are made for all. If you, as a man, do not want long hair weaves like most women wear, you can find hair extensions that are short in length. People might not see it but the truth is that there are many benefits in using hair weaves for the person wearing them.

Confidence Boost

We know that many people who have the problem of receding hairline or bald spots feel uncomfortable in their own body because of them. There are so many stories where people stopped socializing and mostly stayed indoors because they were embarrassed. Even though thinning of hair is nothing to be ashamed of, people use hair weaves to feel confidence about themselves.

Next Level

Men who want to switch up their fashion game and go to the next level often make use of hair weaves and achieve their goal of being a fashion statement. Hair extensions immediately add that something extra to the look of the person and are great for different hairdos. You can use hair weaves to do different kinds of experiments regarding your look.

Some Useful Tips For Acting You Should Know About

The thing about acting is that it is never something that can be achieved in a matter of few minutes. Even if you are a natural born actor, you will need a good amount of practice before you can master the art. Now some people are really good at acting from the start, but that does not make them perfect, quite simply because they too have made mistakes in their careers, and picked some roles that weren’t for them.

With that out of the way, according to Christian Capozzoli, there are some great tips that make a great actor, and the good news is that there are not many. If you look at the core of acting, you will find out that it is fairly simple, and mostly the same in most cases. Below are some important tips that you should know about.

Be Yourself

I know that while acting, you literally have to be someone else, but do not forget who you are. Even if you happen to be a super dedicated method actor, you should still stay true to yourself. Pick roles that you think are suited for you. Don’t do it for the money, do it for the fact that you are an artist, who is sensible enough to go for what is best for him.

Act as Much as It is Needed

The concept of overacting, and underacting is something that is very common in the acting world. The thing here is that you need to act as much as the script requires you. Don’t be Batman if you are asked to play the role of Forrest Gump, or the opposite. Stay in character, and never act more or less than the need is.

How Does a Bong Work?

Most weed fans are seeking for that precise inhale that not only delivers a strong taste but also offer smooth smoking experience without causing irritation in the throat. Cannabis culture has been around for thousands of years and although the smoking traditions have been changed but the some basic puffing principles are still practiced all over the world. Before the bong took its modern sleek look, it was consumed by placing tobacco inside bamboo tubes as they were the only viable options. From its links traced back to Ming’s dynasty in ancient China to nomadic groups in Africa, research has shown its presence in almost all the corners of the world.

Unlike smoke pipes that don’t offer any filtration function to the smokers, bongs have a sophisticated system that leaves all the residue materials inside the water. This is the reason the respiratory systems of bong users are at a lesser risk of developing fatal diseases compared to that of traditional smoking methods that don’t involve the usage of water. The glass bowl is the most crucial part of a bong where you place dried cannabis before finally setting it fire. Having flared bases at the bottom offers a convenient smoking experience as it prevents the equipment from falling down after a certain movement. Whether you are looking for a heavy dab bong or a high quality blue rig, make sure to visit the website at now.

Having a stem-less tube fixed with the bottom of the bowl allows you to enjoy smoking for long sessions without having the tube removed. People who prefer more quantity of water within the container usually buy a beaker base because of its large capacity. Percolator bongs are one of the best options as they remove toxic materials by disrupting uniform size of bubbles inside the container.

Tony Gonzalez: Future Hall of Famer and so much more

By Steve Hummer
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Need that impossible catch, the one that makes the SportsCenter crew speak in tongues?

If that’s all, just throw the ball up. And if Tony Gonzalez is anywhere around, he’ll more than likely grab it. Gonzalez, traded to the Falcons in April, is the NFL’s most accomplished tight end, already owning Hall of Fame numbers. He creates more mismatches than a Vegas wedding chapel.

According to the reviews traveling south with the Falcons new toy at tight end, the NFC South’s defensive coordinators should be developing a noticeable nervous tic about now.

“There’s nobody who can catch a ball or adjust to a ball in the air like (Gonzalez) can, probably not even wide receivers. You throw it to him when he’s covered. He always has the advantage in those situations,” said Dick Vermeil, his coach at Kansas City for five seasons.

Tony’s on Cosmopolitan Online has a new, online-only feature that features Tony Gonzalez: “Dating Tips from Sexy NFL Stars”!

Featuring some of the hottest guys from the field—like Tony Gonzalez, Terrell Owens, and Matt Cassel — got each guy to give an exclusive piece of dating advice for women.







Tony and October Gonzalez Would ‘Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’

NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez makes another amazing play! But this time it’s not one of his record breaking receptions, it’s his all-star move for animals. The football sensation and his wife October are baring it all in a PETA ad to tell people to wear their own skin and let animals keep theirs.  In the ad, Tony and October say “we’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

Every piece of fur clothing, lining, and trim is the result of extreme suffering: Animals used for their fur are beaten, hanged , electrocuted, and even skinned alive.

Fur factory farms crowd animals into wire cages so small that they don’t have room to walk. These cramped quarters cause great emotional distress to the animals, and they often turn to self-mutilation or cannibalism to cope with their anxiety.

With no federal humane laws regulating factory fur farms, farmers use barbaric methods for killing animals to avoid damaging their pelts—even if that means electrocuting, poisoning, or gassing them. It’s no wonder that Tony and October would rather go naked than wear fur!

Find out what other animal rights issues are important to Tony and October in their behind-the-scenes interview on The PETA Files.

This six-time Pro Bowl, all-pro tight end, and NFL Hall of Famer is raising awareness about the treatment of animals who are killed for their fur and wants his fans to join him in going the extra yard for animals too. Please join Tony and October by pledging never to buy or wear fur.

The All Pro Diet: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Live Like a Champion

by Tony Gonzalez, Mitzi Dulan, Chris Gonzalez (Audio)

From the Publisher
Gain strength, stamina, and energy like a pro! For years, professional football player Tony Gonzalez fueled his game-day performances and workouts with a host of popular (and unhealthy) foods like burgers with bacon and cheese, deep-fried chicken wings, shrimp drenched in butter, and steak at least three times a week. When you’re constantly active dodging tackles, sprinting for touchdowns, or in the gym training nearly every day, it doesn’t matter what you eat if you are just going to burn it all off anyway, right? Wrong. What Tony Gonzalez has discovered over the course of his NFL career is that the food choices he makes have a tremendous impact on his performance, energy levels, and long-term health. Faced with a soaring risk for high blood pressure caused, in part, by a subpar diet, Gonzalez overhauled his eating plan and learned how to properly fuel his body with the right foods. The result was a diet that caused a dramatic improvement in his performance on the field and the way he felt off it. By shifting the balance of his diet more toward plant-based and unprocessed foods, Gonzalez has displayed turbocharged strength, stamina, and energy that have made fans, other athletes, and the media sit up and take notice. Now in The All-Pro Diet, with the help of renowned nutritionist Mitzi Dulan, Gonzalez shares the philosophy and strategies that will help you gain the same strength, stamina, and energy of a pro. Packed with delicious recipes, simple strategies for adhering to your new diet, and the muscle-building exercises the pros use to beat out the competition, The All-Pro Diet is the ultimate guide to fueling your body for optimal performance. Insert disc 4 into your PC to access PDF material of sample menus, recipes, Tony’s fitness program and more!

Available online at and Barnes and Noble (audio) (Hardcover)