Can an Apple a Day Keep Your Dog Away?

Apples are a great source for a variety of nutrients. We humans love to eat them because of their nutritional value and their great taste. It is no wonder why dogs love apples too, munching on a fresh and juicy apple can feel and taste great. Just because a dog will gladly accept an apple does not necessarily mean that it should. Dogs are willing to eat pretty much anything, even the stuff that can be harmful for them. So should you feed your dog apples?

The answer to this question is that you can and you should. Apples are completely safe for a dog to have. They are a rich source for multiple vitamins and have plenty of fibre that makes them great for any dog. Their delicious taste can also make apples great treats. Slices of chilled apple can be fed to your dog on a hot summer day as a delightful reward.

Keep in mind that while apples are good, they should not be eaten like crazy. Too many apples can result in your dog having stomach problems and even diarrhoea. Also, apples should not be fed to your dog without being properly prepared. It is advised to remove an apple’s core before you hand it over to your dog. Apple seeds have traces of cyanide in them that is not harmful for humans, but can be toxic for your dog. One or two seeds will not cause a problem, but regular intake of seeds will result in your dog’s body slowly accumulating cyanide.

You can learn more about how you should feed apples to your dog at Jindo Project is a non profit organization that is dedicated to educating people about proper care for their dogs.