All of The Words

Gaming probably started out as nothing more than an individual project at a science fair, but the merit and prospect it showed was incredible as seen today. Gaming is now a major form of entertainment and that is an indisputable fact even as we see many individuals, usually parents, curse out the world of gaming and the corruption it sows in the seeds of our future, the children. But it isn’t quite as satanic as worried parents tend to think, it’s merely a matter of prioritization that someone needs to develop which is a life skill kids learn as they grow up.

We can rest assured that gaming is simply a means of entertainment and won’t be questioning anyone about their integrity or character. From when the term “gaming” itself became known, we have seen it progressively evolve from 8-bit graphics to visually stunning masterpieces that some might even say would look better than what the real world had to offer. Though obviously, this would be an exaggeration as some people simple have never stepped out of their room. And the future of gaming is bound to have exciting opportunities for both casual gamers and hardcore ones alike.

You can’t deny that video gaming has evolved to be a major form of story telling and some games are better than the books you’ve come to read. Everyone has their own medium of entertainment that they enjoy and it’s not like either is better than the other. It just depends on a personal preference. Games will continue to be developed and improved on just like how books continue to be written. A new prospect that opened up in the gaming world however is virtual reality, where you feel yourself personally immersed into the world that you play in.